Laws related to IT

There are many laws related to IT. Some examples of these are fair use, this mean everyone has an equal right to everything. Another law is to use the internet the right way and the purpose shouldn’t be to hurt anyone. An example of this is people using Facebook as hurting people or giving false hope, such as making a fake account and talking to people pretending you are someone else, could lead to bad ending and this is against the law. Also making personal comments to other people is not aloud as this is also harming other people in a way. The three main laws of IT are copyright, data protection and computer misuse. Copyright gives some type of media rights for the user . Such as copyright prevents you from copying something off the internet and then selling it saying its yours. Another example is renting a software with the permission of the copyright holder. Data protection  is a law to help protect personal data, stored on computers. During the second half of the 20th century businesses and governments started using computer to store customer, client and staff details, for example; name, address, employment history, medical conditions etc. Types of computer misuse are hacking, pornography, viruses and many more. This was introduced to try to fight against hackers and hacking.


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