IT in the economy- how businesses work

This post will be about IT in the economy. An example is Asda, IT has helped them in many ways. Firstly it helps them in advertisement not only this is a cheaper way to advertise but everyone has access to the internet so everyone can see it. Also they have made a website were people can shop online, so not only this is extra sales for the business but it is easier for the customers as well. By making a website Asda can keep the customers informed of their latest offers and deal. They can also share what the business aims and objectives are so the customers know what to expect and everyone can find this information simply by sitting and home and using the internet. Many businesses now use the internet for a promotion as this is the most popular way of getting attention. Whereas when there was no IT/internet getting attention from the audience was not so easy however IT has made a big impact now on all the businesses.


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