The purpose of IT is to bring people together, help businesses, give information etc. However some people do not use it for that reason, on the internet you can get people like pedophiles and bullies. These people make it hard for people that use it correctly, to use it. An example is on Facebook, this is made for people to keep in contact with each other no matter where they are in the world, for free. But some people have started using Facebook to harass people or bully them. Some people make fake accounts and use it for different purposes such as bullying, cat-fishing this is when someone makes an account pretending to be someone else. Besides Facebook there are many other uses for example reading the news paper online, people don’t have to buy newspapers now as they can read it for free and easily online. Also online shopping has become much easier you can order anything online now from groceries to just a take-out which will be delivered to you in a few minutes. However there are many people that trick you into giving your card details or even hack your account if you’ve saved your card details on a online shopping site, that’s why for safety you shouldn’t save your card details online anywhere.


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