How individuals are affected by IT- Good & bad


IT has affected society in many different ways. Some of the major examples are social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. This has had positive and negative impacts on the society. Some of the positives are that it has helped people with their business and to get it known, this is a very effective and cheap way to advertise your business. Another example is that it has made it easier for everyone to communicate with their friends and family wherever they may be. Some negative of this is that it has made people/society lazier, which has lead to more illnesses and an unhealthy lifestyle. However in this post I want to focus on how individuals are affected by IT and the positive and negative side of this. I think the main issue with IT is that it is very addictive for some people. An example of this is Facebook; some people’s lives revolve around social media such as Facebook. They get so addicted to talking to people online and meeting new people online that they forget the risks of it and become less confident making friends in real life. If all they’re friends are online this will lead to them not getting off social media, which will affect they’re education and health, they will become less active and do less activities. Making friends online is not always a bad thing but most of the time you never know who is on the other side of the screen which could have lead to bad endings. However they’re are some people that use social media just to contact they’re friends and families which may not be in the country, so social media such as Facebook helps them keep in contact easily as everyone has easy access to the internet. This is safe as you know who your talking to. Also using the internet a limited time a day is better as you have time to be social in real life and have other activities which not only keeps you healthier but helps in more concentration in education or work.



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